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Followup to Council Committee Work Session 3-22-2011


I almost think they were putting on a show for the candidates; I’ve been to about four or five committee work sessions, and this is the first one I’ve seen run past an hour and a half.  This was a bit over two and a half hours.

I can’t say I took great notes, but I’ll try to give a basic rundown until the minutes are approved and published.

Personnel Committee

  • Employee health insurance:  This took up a lot of the time, as there were a few options to be considered.  Overall, there was no option that didn’t involve a significant increase in the cost to the city and to the employees.  Ultimately, the committee voted to recommend a plan with a roughly 64% increase in cost.
  • Evaluation Process for City Attorney, City Administrator and City Secretary:  The committee voted to revisit this issue at a later date.  (Welcome to government, where you need to vote on whether to think about something.)

Planning and Development Committee

  • Downtown District:  The committee voted to recommend approval without requiring businesses to provide individual parking.  (No word yet on whether there will be bike racks, or whether they will even consider rescinding or rewording the existing ordinance that bans all bicycle riding in the Central Business District.)
  • Drive-Thru Convenience/Grocery Store:  Uh, yeah.  I got lost about an hour into this one, and it seems the committee did too as I never really heard a clear motion come out of the meandering.  Nobody else seemed quite sure of what they were recommending by the end either, so it’s hardly surprising that it ended in a 2-2 split vote with Nash and Taylor in favor and McDanel and Evans against whatever it was.

Public Works Committee

  • Quantitative Financial Information and Utility Profile:  Not really anything to discuss here; best to just wait until the city posts it unless you have a specific question you’d like addressed.
  • Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan:  Quick summary; use less water.  During a drought, use a lot less water.  There’s a bit more detail, but that’s the basic plan.
  • Water Well Monitoring Report:  Overall, minimal change to the level of the aquifer.
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