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Informing the Public Followup


After a bit of research, I’d like to put out a few examples of what other cities post online as council meeting agendas.


City Council Agenda – (Warning: it’s 138MB) I’m not sure if they’re doing a great thing by providing so much information to the public or if they’re trying to scare people off with 1,000 plus pages of agenda packet every month. I do like that they post the general information early on, then follow up with a final addendum right before the 72 hour deadline. They also post agendas of all board and commission meetings.


City Council Agenda – A bit more detailed outline than our current format. This does provide more of the most useful information, but still lacks supporting documents.

Agenda and Minutes Page – I like this; listing the agendas and minutes side by side makes it easy to see if any of either item has been missed, as well as keeping information sorted by meeting for easier reference.

Fort Worth

City Council Agenda – This is a great format for an online agenda. The outline has a fair amount of detail about each item without being too long to print, and each item has a link to detailed information and supporting documents.

San Antonio

City Council Agenda – Another very good format. Again, the outline includes important information, and links to supporting documents.

Essentially, I want Stephenville to take full advantage of the opportunity to provide as much information as possible online, where everyone can have immediate access to it at any time. Posting the entirety of the councilmembers’ agenda packet as a PDF file would be one good way to do this. A format like San Antonio or Fort Worth’s would be helpful, but just having the details available is the biggest step.

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