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Followup to May 3 2011 Council Meeting


I hadn’t expected to make it to this one, but managed to get back in town in time, and the opportunity to show off a few photos of the new baby was too much to pass up.

My comments in blue, as usual.  Councilman Alan Nash and City Administrator Mark Kaiser were both absent from this meeting.

No one participating in Citizens’ General Discussion, yet again.

Fire Department Annual Report – Go here for details.  Report was accepted unanimously.

Consider Ordinance No. 2011-07 Providing Budget Amendments for the Remainder of the Fiscal Year Beginning October 1, 2010 and Ending September 30, 2011 – Text of ordinance here.  Ordinance passed unanimously with minimal discussion.

Consider Authorizing Application for EMS Local Projects Grant Program for Portable Radios – Cost to the city is $3,700 for radios for both paid and volunteer firefighters.  Request memo is here.  Approved unanimously with minimal discussion.

Consent Agenda – Approved unanimously.

  • Approve Minutes of Regular Council Meeting on April 1, 2011 – Must be a retroactive April Fool’s joke, because the meeting was on April 5.
  • Approve Bid Award for Police Patrol Vehicles – 3 cars at $23,652 each, for a total of $70,956.  Go here for the memo including bids. This item was removed for a brief clarification of budget amount and actual bid amount -approved unanimously.
  • Consider Accepting One Garden Place Subdivision Phase II
  • Consider Approval of Contract Observation Services Agreement with Hardy Hampton

Adjourned well before 6PM.

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