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Council Meeting 8-2-2011 Followup


Sorry for the delay; I put my notes aside and forgot where I put them.

My comments in blue.
I. Call to Order
II. Citizens’ General Discussion

No one speaking.
III. Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council Annual Report and Budget Presentation—Julie Crouch, Executive Director
IV. Consider Request from Erath County Habitat for Humanity to Waive Building Permit Fee for House located at 727 West Frey Street

The Empire Tribune has already covered this one here.
A. Public Hearing to receive comments regarding the Nomination for Enterprise Project Designation for FMC Technologies, Inc.
B. Consider Adopting Ordinance No. 2011-12 Approving the City’s Participation in the Texas Enterprise Zone Program

Approved unanimously.  Essentially, this costs the city nothing, but allows FMC some breaks on state taxes based on the number of jobs created and maintained for at least five years.
A. Consider Adopting Ordinance No. 2011-13 Declaring an Alley to have been Abandoned In the 500 block of West Walnut Street

Approved unanimously.
B. PUBLIC HEARING—Consider Request to Rezone from B-1 “Neighborhood Business District” to B-2 “Retail and Commercial Business District”, the north part of Lot 6, Block 135, City Addition, located at 1112 West Washington Street.
C. Consider Approving Ordinance No. 2011-14 Rezoning from B-1 “Neighborhood Business District” to B-2 “Retail and Commercial Business District”, the north part of Lot 6, Block 135, City Addition, located at 1112 West Washington Street.

Also covered by the Empire Tribune here.
VII. Consider Approving Resolution No. 2011-07 directing publication of notice of intention to issue certificates of obligation to fund costs of street improvements and the construction of a fire station, and resolving other matters pertaining thereto

This is one of those “approve discussing looking into seeing about deciding whether it’s worth considering doing something” measures.  Nash brought up the concern that it is rather vague.  The total amount in question would be $4 million, with approximately $2.5 million of that for the new fire station, and the remainder for unspecified street projects for “major thoroughfares,” with no definition of what constitutes “major.”
VIII. Consider Adopting Ordinance No. 2011-15 Approving a Negotiated Resolution Between the Atmos Cities Steering Committee and Atmos Energy Corp., Mid -Tex Division Regarding the Company’s Fourth Annual Rate Review Mechanism

Atmos wants to increase gas rates, cities don’t.  I admit I wasn’t paying as much attention to this one since I don’t have any gas appliances, but the summary is that the average customer should see only a few cents per month increase.  Passed unanimously.
A. Approve Minutes, Regular Council Meeting on July 5, 2011
B. Authorize the Sale of City Property—Dodge Charger and Toro mower
C. Bid Award for Concrete Projects—Pecan Hill Entry and City Park Sidewalks
D. Change Orders
1. Concrete Improvements to Dale/Meador/Park
2. Concrete Improvements to Sloan Street
3. Brick Street Project
E. Ordinance No. 2011-16 Rescinding Identity Theft Program
F. Approve Amendment to Section 903.2.8.3 of the International Building and Fire Code

I think item F was trying for a record for longest discussion of a Consent Agenda item.  McDanel requested that this item be removed from the Consent Agenda for further discussion, and proposed amending the Amendment to clarify provisions for storage buildings with offices and/or living quarters.  Passed unanimously.
X. Comments by City Administrator
XI. Comments by Council Members
XII. Adjourn

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