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October 18, 2011 Committee Work Session Agenda


PDF on city’s site.

My comments in blue, as always.

I. Call to Order
II. PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE (Alan Nix, Chairman; Joe Cude; Scott Evans; Alan Nash)
A. Amendment No. 5 to the Agreement for Operations, Maintenance and Management Services by OMI, Inc.
B. Unaccounted Water Use

Judging from my bill I think I know where they’ve been charging it to.

III. PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY COMMITTEE (Russ McDanel, Chairman; Joe Cude; Malcolm Cross; Martha Taylor
A. Pawnbrokers and Other Dealers Ordinance

Wow, that’s vague.  What are “Other Dealers?”  Are they being banned?  Must all “Pawnbrokers and Other Dealers” be kept on a leash or in a special enclosure, with current vaccination records on file?  Can you be less specific?

B. Hotel Registration Ordinance

Well, apparently they can be less specific.

C. Large Vehicles on Road Ordinance

And even less specific than the others.  What’s “large” and what’s going to be required of it?  An agenda item isn’t particularly helpful if people can’t even tell whether they might be affected by it.

IV. Adjourn

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  1. Ashley permalink
    2011/10/18 08:30

    Is this meeting open to the public? What time does it begin?

    • 2011/10/18 11:17

      Committee meetings are open to the public, but do not have public comment periods like regular sessions.
      It will be at 5:30PM in the training room at city hall.

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