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Followup to 10-18-2011 Committee Work Session


My comments in blue, as always.

I. Call to Order
II. PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE (Alan Nix, Chairman; Joe Cude; Scott Evans; Alan Nash)
A. Amendment No. 5 to the Agreement for Operations, Maintenance and Management Services by OMI, Inc.

Basically, OMI wants a 3% increase in their fees for wastewater treatment and sludge hauling, which was already anticipated in the current budget.

B. Unaccounted Water Use

I didn’t quite catch all of the details on this, so I’ll refrain from commenting for now.

III. PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY COMMITTEE (Russ McDanel, Chairman; Joe Cude; Malcolm Cross; Martha Taylor) (I’m assuming they meant to close the parentheses here.)

A. Pawnbrokers and Other Dealers Ordinance

Well, this generated a nice bit of public participation.  Representatives were present from South Loop Pawn Shop, Richard’s Jewelry, and Erath Iron.  I think that was the biggest crowd I’ve seen at a committee meeting so far.  All were concerned about how this proposal would affect their business, and all had valid questions about how it would be applied.  It will be held for further discussion and hopefully there will be even more public participation in rewriting this ordinance to be more appropriate for Stephenville.

Personally, I like the proposed system from a technical standpoint, but only if it can be implemented on a voluntary basis, with the ability to opt into only those portions the business owner doesn’t have to devote too much time or expense to.  The potential cost to businesses that don’t already maintain electronic inventory and/or have the ability to digitally photograph purchased items within 48 hours of purchase is just too high.

Full text of the ordinance with my comments is here.

B. Hotel Registration Ordinance

Also held over for more discussion and editing.  Hopefully we can get a few folks from the local lodging businesses to comment on this one soon.  Full text with comments here.

C. Large Vehicles on Road Ordinance

And again, this one needs more discussion.  Full text with comments and comparison to the existing ordinance here.

IV. Adjourn

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