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How to contact me


Twitter: @joebramblett

Mail: 1409 Lockwood, Stephenville TX 76401

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  1. Clif Wright permalink
    2011/05/21 10:36

    My name is Clif Wright and I am 62 years of age and ran for City Council in Mineral Wells and lost. There was only 53 people that voted and I lost my 13 votes. I could sent you my letter on apathy that I sent to the Mineral Wells index if you would be interested.

    At any rate, I notice your webpage one day as I was trying to stir interest in getting elected. I still plan on running again as I learned most people are not informed. One of the main issue that I was running on was getting information to the people (by being informed).

    Your webpage was very interesting. What I would like to know is what it would take for you to show me how that works or how to create a webpage like that.

    Not sure what I am looking at here on this page, but this could be interesting also. I plan on attending the council meetings for the next year until the next election.

    So, if you could tell me if you would be interested in showing me how this works so I could do this on a bi-weekly basis and if you charge for showing me how to create this.

    Another thing is that I am really looking for someone to explain Twitter and how that works.

    Just a note I believe my note on voter apathy is on the Facebook page called Mineral Wells Discussion.

    Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you one way or another.

    • 2011/05/21 20:54

      I’m working on a problem with my laptop at the moment, but when I get a few minutes to sit down and write this weekend, I’ll email you some basics on getting started with blogging and Twitter.


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